Julie Fowlis - alterum

Julie Fowlis – alterum

Julie Fowlis - alterumJulie Fowlis originally hails from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides and is now based in the Highlands of Scotland. Firmly established as a world music artist with a natural interest and ability to cross-over into other genres and styles, she will forever be known as the singing voice of Merida, the female protagonist in the Disney-Pixar Oscar/Bafta/Golden Globe winning movie ‘Brave’.

During an impressive career spanning more than a decade, with multiple awards, accolades and four studio albums, she has until now, sung primarily in Scottish Gaelic. The Latin title of her fifth studio album ‘alterum’ gently suggests that this record is a departure from what has gone before.

Label: Machair Records Ltd
UPC: 0692264689604 | 0692264689611
Catalogue Number: MACH008 | MACH009
Release Date: 27 October 2017