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All Ears: Ben Glover’s Twelve Months of Americana

All Ears is our new guest curated playlist where each month we’ll be inviting an artist, label or other music industry individual to curate a new playlist on any theme of their choosing. This month we’ve invited Proper Records artist Ben Glover to curate the list and he’s chosen a selection of Americana tracks that he’s been listening too over the past year.

Here’s what Ben has to say about the playlist:

“It’s always a considerable challenge to compile a ‘favourites list’ of any kind, especially when there has been an exceptionally high number of superb releases in the Americana genre in the past twelve months. I could not fit all my favourites on this playlist but these are some of the songs that I’ve revisited on many occasions. Respect and gratitude to all these inspirational artists for producing such wonderful work. Enjoy” – Ben Glover

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