Banquet Records Box Awards

Proper secures joint first place in Banquet Records’ Box of the Year Awards

Following our second place showing at last year’s Banquet Records – Box of the Year Awards, we were thrilled on Wednesday night to secure a joint first place alongside last year’s winners Little Amber Fish. On hearing about the win, Scott Gardner and Danny Hawkins, our warehouse management said “It’s good to hear that we’re getting recognition for the continued efforts from our warehouse team”.

Pat Howe, our Head of Sales commented “One of the most positive developments in the music industry over the last decade has been the commercial revival of the vinyl LP. Initial concerns that this was a fad have not been borne out. It seems clear that firstly there is still a real appetite for physical product and secondly that long playing vinyl is still an attractive way of packaging music. Moreover, where vinyl quality plummeted in the 1980’s, the revival of the format has been based on high quality – heavyweight vinyl, with beautiful packaging making it a luxury item – the Rolls Royce of music products.

The flipside of this is that we are dealing with a fragile product that people pay a lot of money for and rightly expect to be in perfect condition. That makes every movement of stock from label to distributor to shop to customer crucial in execution to ensure that the LP’s are handled as carefully as possible.

It’s great to get recognition that our warehouse team are doing a good job with this and we are very proud of all the efforts we make as a business to get it right.”

  1. Palace of Memory Oysterband 0:30
  2. No Ordinary Girl Oysterband 0:30
  3. Call You Friend Oysterband 0:30

  1. Man, Friendship Kitty Macfarlane 0:30
  2. Starling Song Kitty Macfarlane 0:30
  3. Namer of Clouds Kitty Macfarlane 0:30

  1. Indigo Katherine Priddy 0:30
  2. Wolf Katherine Priddy 0:30
  3. Icarus Katherine Priddy 0:30

  1. I Want to Dance with Somebody (Bonus Track) Jon Boden 0:30
  2. Blue Dress Jon Boden 0:30
  3. Get a Little Something Jon Boden 0:30

  1. Angels Without Wings Heidi Talbot 0:30
  2. Dearest Johnny Heidi Talbot 0:30
  3. Wine & Roses Heidi Talbot 0:30

  1. Cloudbroke Georgia Ruth 0:30
  2. The Doldrums Georgia Ruth 0:30
  3. Supermoon Georgia Ruth 0:30

  1. Over the Fields (For John) Blue Rose Code 0:30
  2. Bluebell Blue Rose Code 0:30
  3. Ebb & Flow Blue Rose Code 0:30

  1. Byker Hill Bellowhead 0:30
  2. Roll The Woodpile Down Bellowhead 0:30
  3. 10,000 Miles Away Bellowhead 0:30

  1. Wrong Piano Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  2. Flirted With You All My Life Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  3. Cowboy Junkies Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  1. Wrong Piano Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  2. Flirted With You All My Life Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  3. Cowboy Junkies Cowboy Junkies 0:35
  1. Bones Of Gilead Richard Thompson 0:43

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  1. Chasing Shadows Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys 0:35

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  1. Fade & Fall (Love Not) Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band 0:30

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  1. Lost Show of Hands 0:51

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  1. Some Dreams Do Amy Speace 1:05

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  1. Kindness Ben Glover 1:00

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  1. Man, Friendship Kitty Macfarlane 0:37

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  1. Blues Run The Game Martin Simpson 0:30

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