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Afro Celt Soundsystem – Flight

Afro Celt Sound SystemWith album sales now topping one and a half million and two Grammy nominations to date, Afro Celt Sound System return with their 8th studio album ‘Flight’.

The album explores themes of migration – both human and avian – with a dazzling cast list of stellar musicians from around the Globe including Emmanuela Yogolelo music director of the Amani choir from the Democratic Republic of Congo who has a refugee background as well as working extensively within the wider refugee community of Manchester and Stone Flowers the band supported by Music Action International, the charity who help transform lives affected by war, torture & armed conflict through music and song.

Formed by Grammy-nominated musician and record producer Simon Emmerson, Afro Celt Sound System are a European and African based collective who have forged a reputation for their energetic, exhilarating shows. Winners of the Songlines 2017 Best Group award, they innovatively combine folk traditions of different cultures to breath-taking effect.

Simon Emmerson is joined by long-term members’ vocalist, kora and balafon player N’faly Kouyaté and Dhol drummer Johnny Kalsi but both album and tour will feature contributions from more than 17 musicians and at selected gigs, the Amani choir.

Flight features Afro Celt Sound System’s trademark driving afro house and drum and bass beats, bold west African brass and exuberant electronic rhythms and bass lines provided by Mass, Simon ‘Palmy’ Richmond, Richard Evans and Simon Emmerson. Central to the album is a 4-part medley recorded for the 1st time in the band’s career as a live performance in London’s Strongroom studios – the location were the ACSS was conceived back in the early 90’s. This is the closet the band have got to capturing within a recording studio the dynamic of the gigging band; gone are the loops and samples that used to provide the backdrop to the band’s sound replaced now by the heartfelt performances that make the bands tour and festival dates so exhilarating.

The album was recorded in over 13 studios in Africa and Europe and written, arranged, engineered and mixed by Afro Celt Sound System collective. The executive producer is Mark Constantine and the album was released on his and Simon’s label, ECC Records. Label artwork has been produced by Jamie Reid, legendary punk artist, cultural activist and ACSS founding member.

Label: ECC Records
UPC: 5060214040556
Catalogue Number: ECC019
Release Date: 23 November 2018

  1. Bones Of Gilead Richard Thompson 0:43

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  1. Chasing Shadows Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys 0:35

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  1. Fade & Fall (Love Not) Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band 0:30

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  1. Lost Show of Hands 0:51

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  1. Some Dreams Do Amy Speace 1:05

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  1. Kindness Ben Glover 1:00

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  1. Man, Friendship Kitty Macfarlane 0:37

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  1. Blues Run The Game Martin Simpson 0:30

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