Razorlight – In-store Tour

Razorlight - Olympus SleepingIn support of their new album, Olympus Sleeping (out 26th October), Razorlight will be performing at independent record shops around the country in the week following the release.

Olympus Sleeping is the band’s first album in ten years and sees lead-singer and songwriter Johnny Borrell in top form, dishing up instant classics like the insanely catchy ‘Carry Yourself’ or the album’s lead single ‘Olympus Sleeping’.

Announcing their return, frontman Johnny Borrell said: “We’ve been away for a long time and wanted to give more to the fans than just one single. I’m really excited about the album and really excited about doing Razorlight again.”

Sat, Oct 27:

  • Truck Music Store, Oxford (11:30am)
  • Sound Knowledge, Marlborough (2pm)
  • Longwell Records, Bristol (4:30pm)
  • Hundred Records, Romsey (7:45pm)

Mon, Oct 29:

  • Head Records, Leamington Spa (1pm)
  • 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool (6pm)

Tue, Oct 30:

  • X Records, Bolton (4pm)
  • Vinyl Tap, Huddersfield (7:45pm)

Wed, Oct 31:

  • Crash Records, Leeds (1pm)
  • Sounditout Records, Stockton (7pm)

Thursday, Nov 1st:

  1. Bones Of Gilead Richard Thompson 0:43

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  1. Chasing Shadows Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys 0:35

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  1. Fade & Fall (Love Not) Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band 0:30

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  1. Lost Show of Hands 0:51

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  1. Some Dreams Do Amy Speace 1:05

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  1. Kindness Ben Glover 1:00

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  1. Man, Friendship Kitty Macfarlane 0:37

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  1. Blues Run The Game Martin Simpson 0:30

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