Featured Store: Winyl

The wonderfully named Winyl, specialises in vegan and organic wines, providing easy drinking product for the 3.5m people in the UK that have chosen a vegan diet. The vinyl range is wide reaching and a dynamic mix of vintage and new.

Whilst the store is snug, the vibe is relaxed where you can come and browse, play some of the vintage stock, have a chat or just sit and listen and read music magazines with a glass of wine. The wine and vinyl are presented in natural reclaimed wood and upcycled scaffolding racks, using eco-friendly materials and not a plastic cup or straw in sight.

Winyl is the idea of Steve Tattam, former Virgin and Our Price employee who spent 20 years in the industry before moving into duty free Winyl sales and then several entertainment management roles, before ending up in corporate veterinary business management. He always harked back to his happiest days in music retailing and the glory days when vinyl was king. Now with the format back in fine fettle, Steve took the opportunity to launch the type of store he would like to visit, combining his passion for music with a love of great wine.

This is a unique shop and well worth making the effort to visit.

Winyl - inside

What can be better than sitting back in a chair with a delicious glass of wine, listening to your favourite record. Not many record shops can offer that.

The Vinyl RevivalOn October 5 the shop will be one year old and to celebrate their birthday they will be screening ‘The Vinyl Revival ‘

The film tells the story of how independent record shops saved vinyl and how the format saved them and how others are now benefiting from their hard work

If you too would like to screen it email Graham Jones.

I asked Steve what Proper releases he was looking forward to:

Bat For Lashes – Lost Girls
I’ve always been very interested in what Natasha Khan will do next since seeing her at Latitude in 2007 being captivated by her performance. From what I’ve heard so far then this album will be as emotive and progressive as ever. The Hunger sent shivers up my spine and Kids in the Dark wouldn’t go amiss on the “Drive” soundtrack as a perfect driving into the sunset song

It’s been a long wait for a new “proper” (see what I did) studio album from M83, who bring that unmistakably French style to music, reminding me of Cassius, Hot Chip and even Daft Punk in places. This ambient follow up to Digital Shades sounds like it might continue the recent output, in the form of soundtrack music, with influence from Eno, John Carpenter and video game music, that has come a very long way since my 8 bit days.

If you would like to be Proper’s Featured Store, contact Graham Jones.


Tel: 01206 234089

Opening Times:
Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm
Established 2018

16 South Street,
CO11 1BB