The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous – Recover

The Naked And Famous - RecoverIndie-pop trailblazers The Naked and Famous launched their album Recover, by releasing their new track ‘Come As You Are’ – an ode to the importance of inclusivity. Lyrically, it has grown to represent the importance of having unconditional love and acceptance for people from all walks of life – “so easy to love, so come as you are, there’s no limit to the ways that I adore, just as you are.” One half of the duo, Alisa Xayalith, said “it started out as a song about how everyone comes into a new relationship with history and baggage, and how you shouldn’t let that stop you from making a connection, but ultimately, it’s about accepting people for who they really are and recognizing that everyone deserves love.” Bandmate Thom Powers adds, “We want our fans to know how important inclusivity is to us, Whether you’re in the LGBTQ community or an immigrant or in any other marginalized group, this is a safe space for you.”

The song joins previous album cuts ‘Sunseeker’ which was inspired by a Xayalith’s dog and ‘Bury Us’ which NYLON described as a “perfect dancefloor track that’ll instantly transport you to infectious pop bliss, all the while telling the story of embracing unexpected love.”

Recover is largely an autobiographical record rooted in a powerful sentiment of survival, and of the very human process of self-preservation – of saving, choosing and celebrating oneself in a world constantly trying to put us down. Each song is carefully crafted with an important messages ranging from the sentiment of survival (Death), touching on topics of self-identity (Well-Rehearsed), resilience (Recover), mortality ((An)Aesthetic) written by Thom about his near-death experience with blood poisoning) and the things that affect our lives in ways we never anticipated (Sunseeker).

Of the new record, Powers says “Recover is about the duo, recovering ourselves, and our artistic vessel. The album is a statement of creative healing and a vehicle to plow forward into our own future. We hope that the messages of healing and resilience have some effect on its listeners.”

Recover represents a new era for the band, and reasserts them as one of modern indie-pop’s most exciting sonic trailblazers, taking them to emotionally inspired depths, while maintaining the fresh effervescence that has led to over 600 million collective streams to date.

Label: Somewhat Damaged Limited
UPC: 5056167121848 (CD) | 5056167121824 (LP)
Catalogue Number: SDL07CD (CD) | SDL07LP (LP)
Release Date: 24 July 2020