Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson – The Body Remembers

Debbie Gibson - The Body Remembers

Debbie Gibson releases her first pop album in 20 years. Entitled “The Body Remembers”, this 14 song collection is a well rounded combination of dance/pop, pop/rock, and ballads including a re-imagined version of her mega-hit ‘Lost In Your Eyes’ with Joey McIntyre.

Her musical contributors on this new release range from Grammy award winning DJ Tracy Young, to Emmy Award winning composer / producer / Cinderella drummer Fred Coury, Former Guns n Roses guitarist DJ Ashba and, iconic mixers Josh Gudwin and Brian Malouf. This album marks the debut of 19 year old musical prodigy Sean Thomas. This recent Berkley graduate is Debbie’s producing partner on the majority of songs.

Label: Stargirl
UPC: 860007013546 (CD) | 860007013539 (LP, due 2022)
Catalogue Number: STGR001CD (CD) | STGR001LP (LP, due 2022)
Release Date: 20 August 2021