James Morrison

James Morrison – Greatest Hits

James Morrison - Greatest Hits

James Morrison returns with the newly reworked ‘Greatest Hits’ album. James’s powers of reinvention take on varying forms throughout the ‘Greatest Hits’ album. Stripped of its pop-leaning production and Nelly Furtado’s featured vocal, ‘Broken Strings’ is a far more sombre experience that gains a deeper emotional impact. His breakthrough ‘You Give Me Something’ has a more nuanced live feel, not only within the music but also with his now huskier, bluesy tone, while ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ takes on a fervent, gospel-tinged energy. And ‘You Make It Real’ is a particularly stellar example of James channelling all of the ups and downs that come with long-term relationships to sing a love song that comes straight from the heart.

Both versions of the songs co-exist very naturally together. The originals still have the freshness that they first had, but now they have a wealth of memories attached to them. Meanwhile, the newer versions show that a great song can evolve very organically over time, especially as an artist’s ability grows in tandem.

Label: Believe Recordings
UPC: 5052442021551 (CD) | 5052442021582 (HMV excl. CD) | 5052442021575 (Amazon signed CD) | 5052442021568 (MC)
Catalogue Number: BELIEVE013CD (CD) | BELIEVE013CDHMV (HMV excl. CD) | BELIEVE013CDA (Amazon signed CD) | BELIEVE013CS (MC)
Release Date: 11 February 2022