Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese – Driving Just To Drive

Matt Maltese - Driving Just To Drive

Driving Just To Drive is the fourth album from London crooner Matt Maltese, the follow up to his critically acclaimed LP ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’ in 2021.

Matt has now racked up half a billion streams across all platforms with over 5.3 million monthly listener. Matt’s audience also continues to grow on social media with 500,000 followers now on TikTok where global superstars like Doja Cat and BTS’ Kim Taehyung have become firm fans. Following sold out shows across the UK, Europe and the USA in October 2022, ‘Driving Just To Drive’ is heavily anticipated by fans. Bringing Matt’s artful, piano led songwriting to a new level of maturity and sophistication – without losing the independent spirit at its core.

Everybody is searching for happiness – and although it might be impossible to find, Matt Maltese is getting closer. For his fourth album, in order to look forward the musician finally let himself look back to the past. Reflecting on a sense of place, the meaning of where you grew up and the secret to being able to just enjoy the moment, ‘Driving Just To Drive’ finds Maltese at his most free. In his own words; “I thought a lot back to being younger and how much more I used to do things just to do them. Playing on a playground as a kid or just going for a drive and listening to music in the car. I used to love stuff with no sense of an outcome, with no sense of self-imposed necessity. I think it’s important to have some of that in our lives.”

Label: Nettwerk
UPC: 0067003136020 (CD) | 0067003136013 (LP)
Catalogue Number: 313602 (CD) | 313601 (LP)
Release Date: 28 April 2023