Memorial – Redsetter

Memorial - Redsetter

Memorial is a project rooted in friendship, one fuelled by unflinching honesty. Ollie Spalding and Jack Watts were friends first, and songwriting partners second, and this quality sets them apart. They’re marked by that peculiar alchemy when two voices become one, a special sense of human connection wrought through harmony and emboldened with experience. New album ‘Redsetter’ is their coming-of-age moment – gilded indie-folk with an optimistic sense of maturity, it dares to look towards the light.

“We had literally no idea what was gonna happen!” Ollie gasps when looking back on the pair’s self-titled debut album.

Sculpted over the pandemic and released on Real Kind Records – the boutique Communion imprint chaired by Lucy Rose – the record displayed their core values. “The emotion has to be right,” says Oliver. “When we record songs, we want to stay true to the emotion – as though those songs had just been written seconds before they were recorded.”

The success of their debut brought fresh experiences – writing with Flyte, collaborating with everyone from Matthew & The Atlas and Victoria Canal to Talos and Olafur Arnalds – but also new challenges. New LP ‘Redsetter’ takes them from their base in Brighton to a remote part of Texas (and back again); it’s a record that’s driven by a special kind of determination, dealing with intimate bonds, familial connections, and a quiet sense of renewal.

Looking for perfect moments within our imperfect lives, Memorial have displayed extraordinary sense of character to drive themselves forwards. “We’ve let go of trying to make everything sound perfect,” says Jack. “Being vulnerable in that way means that the end product is truer to you than it ever could be. There’s a realness to it.” Memorial have taken true ownership of their lives, pushing through enormous challenges to unlock new aspects of their artistry, and actualise their dreams.

Label: Real Kind Records
UPC: 5060998461134 (CD) | 5060998461110 (Eco-mix coloured LP)
Catalogue Number: RLKND035 | RLKND034 (Eco-mix coloured LP)
Release Date: 10 May 2024