Amy LaVere

Amy LaVere – Painting Blue

Amy LaVere - Painting Blue There’s something uniquely fun about Amy LaVere, even when she’s breaking your heart. She is well known among songwriters and critics alike. NPR’s Robert Siegel says she “specializes in lyrics that are more barbed than her sweet soprano prepares you for.” Her growing catalogue of material and steady critical acclaim suggest a first-tier presence on the Americana and indie-folk/punk circuits. Her latest album ‘Painting Blue’ comes out on Memphis based, Archer Records.

Painting Blue, produced by her husband Will Sexton, captures perfectly the moment that Amy is in. Will Sexton’s masterful production and Amy’s soft, clarinet-like vocal pour over you, pushing and pulling, stirring and calming. As we’ve come to expect, this record is honest, revealing and sounds uniquely like no one else.

Label: Archer Records
UPC: 822533201026 (CD)
Catalogue Number: ARR32010 (CD)
Release Date: 27 March 2020