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Ad-Astra Records

Featured Store: Ad-Astra Records

Nigel Barton and Derek Westwood met whilst both working at a High Street building society. They also have a shared passion for music with both separately dreaming of one day opening their own stores. Meant to be some would say! Before working at the Building Society, Derek had been providing mortgage advice for other companies, […]

Domino Records

Featured Store: Domino Records

Rab Smith owner of Domino Records in Dumfries tells the story of the shop and trying to get back on his feet after a disastrous flood. Any help from those in the Music Industry would be appreciated. I started off in music by playing guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals in various bands plus solo since […]

Stylus Records

Featured Store: Stylus Records

I love music. Having worked in the city of London for many years, I missed my children, my home and my music collection. When at home I had to travel a good distance to my now very good friend, Steve, at his independent record shop ‘Polar Bear ‘in Kings Heath, Birmingham. I felt that Lichfield […]